·We produce a range of value added products with Flavoured salmon products - kebabs, flavour glazed portions, flavour dusted strips, flavour marinated sides and flavour crusted sides. The salmon kebabs are particularly good on the BBQ and we have an excellent BBQ glaze that compliments Pacific salmon extremely well.

·We also produce stuffed natural crab shells and can produce value added whitefish products.

·Stuffed crabs feature a hand-packed mixture of flavorful vegetables, crabmeat and other ingredients according to a unique recipe filling each clean natural crab shell. Ideal for baking or frying.

Smoked Products

·Tanford installed a German kiln in 2016 and produces naturally smoked products. These include cold smoked Haddock and Cod, whether fillets, portions or loins. Since we have been producing the natural smoked products for 4 years we have built a reputation for producing very high quality smoked products with excellent smoke flavour and with high technical control to produce within tight specifications for salt control.

·Tanford can also produce smoke flavoured products using 'liquid smoke'.

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